Your golf swing is a product of muscle memory. The secret to a consistent golf swing is developing a new habit. Your ultimate goal is to abandon conscious control and set your swing on autopilot. Let’s define muscle memory such as the ability of certain muscle groups to perform a specific movement automatically. Riding a bike is a shining example. Once you learn how to ride a bike, never forget movement.

The two factors that contribute to the effective muscle memory are: (1) the accuracy of the exercise on the new movement (2) the regular repetition. The quality of the new traffic depends on the quality of the repeat. At this stage, hitting balls on a practice basis is a conscious effort to correct old swing defects. In an attempt to correct your swing patch you will not master the new technique. Recipe for muscle memory Once you have a clear understanding of the new technology, dedicate five minutes a day to practice the slow motion.

Exercise as such allows you to correct any errors immediately. Your old swing is usually deeply rooted. The longer you play at a certain level of skill, the more it will be. The daily repetition of the appropriate movement without worrying about the results is the first step to make the moves automatic. The accurate daily repetition of at least five minutes per day will produce measurable results within just 30 days. During these 30 days, the new technology will feel strange and maybe a bit uncomfortable. You must find a way to overcome the tendency to retreat to your old and familiar swing. Reduce the new technology to the core elements and work on each one individually until it feels normal. When you become familiar with the new technology, blend the ingredients into one complete motion.

It’s easy to practice slowly, but what if I were committed to playing a game during the 30 days? You want to cultivate a separate attitude towards the inevitable poor footage. You can taste good shots and accept bad shots as an integral part of the game. Maintaining a separate position will prevent your analytical mind from shortening the circle to newly formed muscle memory by criticizing the results. To include a new movement, you must find a way to put your critical mind in neutral for half a second and the time it takes to change a club’s position.

Each steady player has discovered his unique style to stop his conscious mind and allow muscle memory to dominate. This is the value of the pre-imaging routine. Your routine work as a catalyst allows you to give up conscious control. Today you learned the essentials for developing effective muscle memory. The key to mastering new muscle memory is to rehearse a movement perfectly on a daily basis for 30 days without concern for results.

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