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Nutrition Feel Well Guide
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Strength Training

Strength training is an essential exercise. This is because it enables you to improve various aspects of your body. First of all your posture is improved dramatically. There is also an improvement in your metabolism, and also ensures your joints movement is alright. Strength training is essential in improving the overall health of the body ...

How To Develop Effective Muscle Memory

Your golf swing is a product of muscle memory. The secret to a consistent golf swing is developing a new habit. Your ultimate goal is to abandon conscious control and set your swing on autopilot. Let’s define muscle memory such as the ability of certain muscle groups to perform a specific movement automatically. Riding a ...

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

For many years, apple cider vinegar has numerous healing properties. It contains compounds of phenolic, pectin fiber, and some antioxidants. The benefits of apple cider vinegar are very many such as reducing high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Other benefits of apple cider vinegar are: Solves aging. The sources of apple vinegar will add a ...