Their own lifestyle for me when I first began to stop dietingen really commit to eating better for the long term I used clean eating as my guide light which is where clean and delicious and so my definition of eating healthy and clean is simply this eating a real whole unprocessed food as close to their natural state as possible most of the time so eating foods like vegetables fruits healthy sources of carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and greens high quality sources of protein and healthy fats like avocado one of the most important pieces of this process is realizing that it’s not about jumping on a fad diet or on to the next health crazy it’s really about making a long term commitment to a lifestyle shift for yourself this way you are not feeling like you are victim to mood swings and cravings that come with eating a lot of highly processed foods which brings me to my very first allow yourself to be on their journey adapting new lifestyle changes and habits you have to give yourself a little bit of space to figure it out don’t feel like you need to do everything at once and everything at the same time you don’t need to have all you food perfectly meal prepped and you don’t need to stop eating all of your favorites this is going to be a process of learning how to do things a new way and that’s gonna take a little bit of time so if you notice your brain wanting to go to that all or nothing just recognize that and that it doesn’t work what you wanna do is give yourself a little bit of permission to slow down create some space and learn number 2 healthy eating does not and is not supposed to look the same for everyone you can be a healthy eater and be a vegan you can be a vegetarian you can be a meat eater you can be a weight lifter you can eat 2 times a day you can eat 6 times a day and you will also notice that your lifestyle will affect the type of healthy diet you’re eating so for example a young student versus a working mom of 2 with the family versus a young professional all of these people can eat healthy diet and you will see that their plates looking very different based on the style of their day in the style of their life right so there’s no hard and fast rule here other than that simple time that we are eating real whole unprocessed foods as close to their natural state as possible most of the time and we are enjoying the food that we choose

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