How much was that I’ve read an article that I read and even studies and I put that reports from and these are habits of people who do live a very long life and are also quite healthy so were gonna take a look at them and see if you can break them down and implement them into your own life so that you can be healthier live longer have a number one is that these people move around for at least 30 minutes a day all kinds of benefits from psychological physiological to all kinds of even your friendships the quality of your friendships can increase just by moving around for 30 minutes a day because it increases the healthiness of the neurons in the brain now I would suggest is 30 minutes of movement is a bare minimum and if that bare minimum is a struggle make it something that you enjoy doing like playing a sport if you like lifting then going live if you like running if you like running do not go and lift if that’s not what’s going to motivate you to move around for 30 minutes today have a number 2 is that they have a favorite sport now personally I’m not much of a sports guy but I do enjoy playing basketball with some friends moving around for 30 minutes a day in fact when I go to play basketball with my friends I don’t even realize 30 minutes is past it usually an hour or 2 hours and then the gym is closing its like wow I did not realize I spent that much physical activity enjoying the time with my friends have a number 3 is that they educate themselves about the food that they put in their body now this is something that a lot of people struggle with because there’s a lot of myths and that information on the Internet but what you can do is sort through it so just as much as you can in your kind of start to understand I don’t need to believe this this is a bad article this website gives out horrible information it’s just something that you do overtime you just have to continually educate yourself about the food about macro nutrients about calories even technical stuff like how to build muscle and how to lose weight that’s not super important in being healthy have a number for is that they have a meal plan really implemented in my life but I ….tal beneficial hormones in your brain

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