You can read a lot of interesting articles about the best dieting method and talk to a lot of people about it, but in the end, you need to understand that what may be suitable for others may not work for you. You may need to try a few dieting techniques to agree on something that fits your constitution finally. One dieting method that has helped many people in the process of calorie shifting. This technique increases the body’s metabolism and stimulates faster fat burning. Unlike traditional methods of eating less to control weight gain, this method is a radical shift and can not appeal to many people right away, but the fact is that it works. You only need to be disciplined to ensure you are taking no more than 4 meals a day and to ensure that you transfer the calorie intake between meals.

Your body has an excellent idea of ​​what your eating habits will be every day, depending on how often you have chosen your eating habits. It adapts well to the normal routine and continues to function in its usual way of burning calories, even if you do not follow the same method on a beautiful day. For example, if you eat less, your body will burn fewer calories. However, you can make the body do something else by taking meals at four different meals, each with a different calorific value. Since you will do this on a daily basis, your system will never be able to identify and reconcile a specific calorie-burning routine. It is forced to burn different amounts of calories each time, and it tries to compensate for this confusion by stimulating the metabolism to burn more calories than usual, causing you to lose weight gradually.

This is the body’s adjustment mechanism to counteract the uncertainty that you cause by taking meals with different calorific values ​​and at different times. This system has worked for many people, and your only concern is not to fill your meals with calorific values ​​that radically different. So you can not have a very light meal followed by a hefty, high-calorie meal. One useful thing to keep in mind is the cleansing of your body system and detoxification so that the cravings for healthy food that you usually consume are not present calorie shift. You can do this naturally by using natural ingredients such as lemon juice and cayenne pepper so that the system is not taxed due to synthetic elements.

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